“We have met the enemy …
and he is us!”

—Walt Kelly

Whether we present on-stage, in the conference room, or on-screen, we always seem to find new ways to sabotage our own performances:

Cliché stories!
Forgotten lines!
Cluttered slides!
Data dump speeches!
Running overtime!
Starting line stumbles!


Are you prepared to avoid presentation catastrophes?

52 Speaking Blunders - microphone

Do you have the poise and presence to transform your audience?

52 Speaking Blunders - microphone

Will you crush the conference room
and bring home the business?

52 Speaking Blunders - microphone


“I need to take my speaking career to the next level, but something’s missing.” 52 Speaking Blunders - professional speaker
“My team keeps coming up with fantastic ideas, but when we try to explain them to the executive team…!” 52 Speaking Blunders - professional development
“Every year, I address my employees at our annual meeting … and every year I get crickets!” 52 Speaking Blunders - executive coaching
“I have an important message to share, but the thought of getting on stage terrifies me! 52 Speaking Blunders - stage fright


52 Speaking Blunders - Yes You Can!

52 Speaking Blunders - Dave Bricker

I’m Dave Bricker—speaker, presentation coach, business storyteller, transatlantic adventure sailor, and pretty good jazz guitarist.

As a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM), Certified Virtual Presenter, and longtime member of the National Speakers Association, I’ve worked with some of the best speakers in the world, studied their successes and mistakes, and watched thousands of presentations—some fantastic … and some … well … not so fantastic.

As a speaker coach, I’ve made it my mission to figure out WHY every one of those presentations worked … or didn’t.

  • HOW can you keep your audience engaged?
  • WHAT can you do to keep them focused?
  • HOW will you handle technical glitches in a way that makes your audience love you?
  • WHEN can a simple pause turn your lackluster line into a hilarious joke that cracks up the room?
  • WHY are so many experienced, well-paid, professional speakers so darned boring?

The answers to these questions—proven tips and techniques, insights into audience psychology, and advanced storytelling strategies—form the backbone of my successful speaker coaching practice.

You won’t find these valuable tips and insights in any book or public speaking course.

I wish I’d known even a few of these principles when I started my speaking career!

52 Speaking Blunders - online courses girlBy now, you’ve seen too many pricey “millionaire speaker programs” that promise overnight success and leave you feeling inadequate because you didn’t dedicate 25 hours a day to completing all 600 steps.

And if you’re like me, you’re fed up with funnels, up-sells, and courses you never finish.

So let me share my first tip right here. Write this one down:

“If you’re not laughing, you’re not learning!”

Professional development should be fun, encouraging, and inspiring. The old-school “lecture plus homework” model DOES NOT WORK!

So here’s my promise:

52 Speaking Blunders - coffeeFor $10 a month—for less than we spend on Starbucks—I’ll send you a fascinating and useful video every week. We’ll explore speaking blunders—and yes, some of them are my own—and how you can fix or prevent them.

You WILL advance as a presenter!

You WILL become a more confident and powerful speaker!


  • 52 Speaking Blunders - counting girlThat’s 52 valuable and memorable presentation strategies
  • 52 success strategies you won’t find anywhere else
  • 52 proven principles you’ll enjoy in a few minutes and use forever
  • 52 tremendous tips that will help you rock the stage whether you’re a busy executive, an aspiring speaker or a seasoned pro
  • 52 speaking blunders you won’t ever make!

“Turn nervous into service!”

52 Speaking Blunders - microphone

“Discover and develop your unique speaking style!”

52 Speaking Blunders - microphone

“Avoid the 2 cliché stories that
thousands of speakers tell (but shouldn’t)!”

“Explore the world of lights,
cameras, and green screens—
without the confusing technobabble!”


Feel free to cancel at any time if you don’t think these videos are game-changing

I guarantee you won’t want to.

Subscribe today and you’ll also receive three of my essential books for speakers:

The Writer’s Guide to Powerful Prose reveals easy-to-understand style patterns that make so many speakers and authors sound the same.

StorySailing: a Guide to Storytelling for Writers, Speakers, Trainers, and Coaches explores common storytelling mistakes, and offers a simple and powerful formula you’ll use to create messages that stick!

Speak Inside the Box is your essential guide to the world of virtual speaking—green screens, microphones, lights—all the basics—with none of the technobabble.


Plus … I’ll share four video backgrounds from my personal collection—tasteful spotlights and killer stage effects you can drop right into zoom or even use in your video projects to help you look like a rockstar on screen—more goodies you won’t find anywhere else.

That’s over $799 in value
before you watch your first video!

52 Speaking Blunders - microphone

See what these professional speakers and entrepreneurs have to say. These are successful keynoters and champion speakers whose names are not for sale—real endorsements by real subscribers with real reputations who value this content enough to recommend it to you.

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Are you serious about becoming a successful speaker?

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